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Post by Mystical Maven on Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:04 pm

Regarding Herbs as Medicine:

I have an extensive background in the use of herbs as medicine. Even before being certified I had studied and used herbs medicinally for many years. Although there is potential for misuse resulting in possibly damaging side effects and care should be taken when using herbs, the potential danger is not nearly as prevalent as pharmaceutical companies and the Doctors who stand to lose business should people learn to take care of themselves through proper use of herbs would have you believe. In fact, the side effects of using many prescription drugs are far worse than side effects from herb use.

As an herbalist I could list 100 links to various websites and articles that verify what I’m saying just as any nurse or doctor could list 100 websites supporting their point of view. I won’t. I do not want the issue to become a debate. Within these forums responsible use of herbs will be discussed, to that end, please read the following:

None of the information contained within this site is meant to replace medical treatment. Only use herbs as medicine if you know what you are doing, not if you just THINK you know what you’re doing, if you’re wrong there can be negative side effects. Improper use of herbs, just as improper use of prescription drugs, can harm or kill. Remember, natural doesn’t always mean safe.Cross reference at least three reliable sources of information before taking an herb. Be sure about dosage and longevity of treatment. Mostly… careful.

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