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Not the "what", the why...

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Not the "what", the why... Empty Not the "what", the why...

Post by Mystical Maven on Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:54 pm

On another site I frequent someone raised the question of Divinity with a sort of, "This is what I think it is, what do you think it is?" opening for people to share their ideas about how they define divinity. The thread is interesting but it got me thinking about the why. Rather than go over it all again, I will post my own response here, for it raises questions itself:

What fascinates me isn't so much how people define divinity but rather to what end they beleive divinity exists. In other words, what is the purpose of divinity?

Is divinity there to judge us? To present us with a reason to attempt to be morally correct in our actions as well as define what "morally correct" is in the first place? Under punishment of eternal damnation or eternity in the firey pits of hell we are meant to obey without question and so on and so forth.

Or is divinity there to help us, to aid us in our lives, perhaps granting our prayers or giving us challenges that we are meant to overcome to become better people, stronger both mentally and spiritually.

All of the above?

Perhaps divinity is created by us, by our own thoughts about what it is. Only energy is pre-existing until we give form to thought and create our own deity as well as what its purpose is.

It's possible that divinity is entirely indifferent to our presence. The question of the purpose of divinity is as unanswerable as the question of what divinity is.

Remember the old school Clash of the Titans movie from like 1986? The Gods sat in their lofty perch, the Earth itself a sort of gameboard and humans the game pieces they manipulated as they saw fit?

One never knows does one? And no one ever will, hence the fun

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